A-badass august Woman Shirt, Hoodie, Tank top
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A-badass august Woman Shirt, Hoodie, Tank top

  • A-badass august Woman Shirt, Hoodie, Tank top
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    Hey my girls, You are such a badass woman and you own it everyday in your life! Keep it up cuz! Sometimes you have to give yourself pep talks. Like “hello you’re a badass woman,don’t be sad,you got this and I love you.” When a princess you loved as a child becomes a badass General that will inspire future girls

    A-badass august Woman Shirt, Hoodie, Tank top

    What would our world be without badass women like Izzy & Clary? Give A-badass august Woman this tee now! They say behind every strong man is a badass woman, I say she’s right beside him! Always there to pick him up when he’s down, to help make the hard decisions (because let’s b honest we are smarter lol), to yell at them for practically everything that gets on our nerves and to help put them in order when they are lost and when they need it the most. No it’s not woman’s day or anything but I do appreciate you! To all the strong independent badass women out there. How to become a badass woman solo hiker when nothing about you is badass! “In my mind, badass women were super-athletes. They were marathoners. Triathletes. They’d played sports in school. They weren’t afraid of falling down, being scraped up or bruised. They had mental and physical conditioning I lacked. In my 41 years on the planet I had managed to to avoid ever having stitches or a broken bone. I didn’t know much about pain.”

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