I'm An August Woman T-shirt, Hoodie, Long sleeve tee
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I’m An August Woman T-shirt, Hoodie, Long sleeve tee

  • I’m An August Woman T-shirt, Hoodie, Long sleeve tee
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    Wild women don’t need to give men a choice. Those men who are fit for us, won’t fit for those who haven’t entered the wild stage in their lives. But women at all stages of enlightenment are our sisters.

    I’m An August Woman T-shirt

    Sometimes an awakened woman chooses to live with a man who is not. I have met many of them and am one myself. As long as your man doesn’t try to make you conform, it’s not a problem. It takes strength and wisdom to allow yourself to continue on your path whilst loving one who doesn’t necessarily share your experiences. Start with your fears. Once you understand and embrace your fears then the world will open. You need to remember that a lot of people will step away from you for this. My mother did for many years until I went to her as an adult not a child. It is empowering to say the least. You will start to mature in that empowerment. Your soul ‘wings’ will start to unfurl and stretch and you will fall in love with yourself. I started by changing my self talk at the same time. I started being more gentle and understanding of myself just like I have been with all of my friends. I became my own friend. I’m An August Woman and I have fire in my heart. All most people can’t handle me or brave enough to take the risk to. I’m a hurricane filled of storms. I can honestly say though, meeting an amazing man, has awakened my life, soul, mind, will be forever grateful for, to have a lifetime friend

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