Dancing Star Night shirt, Hoodie, Tank top
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Dancing Star Night shirt, Hoodie, Tank top

  • Dancing Star Night shirt, Hoodie, Tank top
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    Dancing is freeing. Your eyes are always drawn to the person that cares the least. Dancing makes me feeling relax in heap of work. When it comes to dance. I forget where I’m and i just want to live in that dancing world. Just enjoy when u have a chance in there. Just dreaming about being a dancer.

    Preparing for Dancing Star Night this week!

    Dancing is great for physical, mental and emotional health. I am still dancing and teaching because I purely love it . Dancing is my happy place. It’s when I feel the best . It’s not by all means easy and of course it’s easier to just relax and take it easy, but that’s just not me. Gotta just get on with it and keep dancing. Dancing Star Night tee will make your party happier. I love dancing and dance in my living room all the time. One of my dreams is to open up a dance club so people who love to dance but don’t like going to bars can still get out and have the dance club experience. Oh and this dance club would start early (say around 5pm) and be done early (around 10pm) because being out till 2am is just quite awful. We need to have more clubs just for dancing, like they did in the 40’s,50’s and 60’s. My Mom said when she was a teen there were dances every weekend, drive-in’s, skating rinks etc. In today’s stressful world, we need healthy entertainment more now than ever! I’m sure it would help this generation of youth that are so bored, they turn to drugs for their entertainment, so sad!

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