Acid Just Drop It T-shirt, Hoodie, Tank top
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Acid Just Drop It T-shirt, Hoodie, Tank top

  • Acid Just Drop It T-shirt, Hoodie, Tank top
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    Mixing of Acid in Cheese making in Jammu Villages.  In actual use People in here add some khatta in milk to make cheese. Here they are using , may be one drop or so as khatta. Acids can be carcinogenic, thus causing cancers and other serious health hazards.

    When Acid Just Drop It What’s happening?

    In most of our rural areas locals are using concentrated acid for making cheese. I am not aware whether concerned department of food Safety is aware of this practice. If not, they should constitute a team and check all Paneer making Bhattis in rural areas. This cheese if carries traces of acid is definitely very dangerous to the health of younger generation and all population who consumes this cheese. During our recent tour to one of the villages about 20 kms from Jammu we saw this Bhatti making cheese using Acid. You can see the bottle of Acid near the Bhatti. We asked the person why you are using acid, he said every person in these villages uses acid to extract more cheese from milk and no authority has stopped us. We request the Food safety department to stop this practice. This is a sad state of affairs. Whether it is artificial ripening of fruits using harmful toxic chemicals or Chinese Fuji Apples coated with coloured wax or making of cheese using acid, or excessive use of harmful toxic chemical fertilisers & plant growth regulators or use of oxytocin in agricultural fields or use of harmful levels of chloropreyphos in many anti termite or insect killers used in households, the responsible and designated government authorities like Food Safety Department and Pesticides Inspectors of Agriculture Department need to be awaken up and directed to strict compliance of laws including Food Safety and Standards Act. Take this Acid Just Drop It T-shirt and stop it Now!

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