Navy st mixed martial arts Shirt, Sweeatshirt, Tank top
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Navy st mixed martial arts Shirt, Sweeatshirt, Tank top

  • Navy st mixed martial arts Shirt, Sweeatshirt, Tank top
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    Wrestling is a high intensity sport which the majority do not want to take part in because your body takes a ton of punishment. People like doing things that give them the least resistance and wrestling is not the sport that provides that.

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    I am always asked about “street lethal” martial arts, and of course in conversations about such things, special forces -especially the Navy Seals- sometimes comes up. There is no magic martial art that will teach you to defend yourself effectively in a short course, and, in my opinion, there is no “street lethal” martial art that is superior to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; especially when combined with boxing/Muay Thai, wrestling/judo (MMA). Combat sports are reality. So that’s the reason we want to show you Navy st mixed martial arts version t-shirt. The best martial art is always the martial art of which you have access to the best instruction. If you learn Jiu Jitsu from a guy who learned it from Gracie’s “Hold of the Day” website, or you learned Ninjitsu directly from Stephen K. Hayes, those are two very different products you’ve partaken of, and you *will* see two very different results. Most lethal, Krav-maga the great thief. Boxers don’t fight people who kick, because as mentioned above it changes whats fair. Spending time arguing over something like, hey can I compare a non-proven combat martial art vs, something fancy. Why? That’s Ego. No one wants to be wrong or have wasted their time. Reality sets in at combat. Be fancy doesn’t beat a good combo with a solid defense.

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