Piano Old Man T-shirt, Hoodie, Tank top
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Piano Old Man T-shirt, Hoodie, Tank top

  • Piano Old Man T-shirt, Hoodie, Tank top
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    Sitting enjoying this glorious day , listening to the sounds of laughter from all ages , I cant help to think that the age we are now is probably one of the most valuable times of our lives . We are still guiding our children , as we have to now assist our parents at the same time .

    What’s Piano Old Man meaning?

    We are letting go to our children’s hands , as we have begun to take our parents again .Some of us still have college to consider as we are seeking nursing options , or handling doctors appointments . We are selling childhood homes and realizing we are now the ones at the adult table . We are the big gifts at parties and weddings . Our youth seems like yesterday , yet the goals of retirement are steadfast upon us . A few years ago we wanted more , today we want less. We are trading quantity for quality in all aspects of life . We have said good-bye to many and have welcomed more . We can still perform at sports as if we are in college , but the next day we are made aware , we arent . We are old enough to recognize our mistakes , yet young enough to correct them . We have suffered loss , but still have so much to gain . We are not young enough to be carefree ,but not old enough to not give a shit . We share experience , but can still look at those older and learn more . We can finally afford a Corvette , but may look ridiculous driving it .And we realize it cost as much as our first home .We dont only put on clothes that fit , but we now have to make sure they are age appropriate . We have traded in our baby oil for anti -wrinkle cream and plastic surgery doesnt seem as taboo any longer .Lol . All these thoughts entered my head as i watched my son race on his bike without a helmet , screaming in delight . I remember doing that and how fun it was , but now im afraid Ill kill myself and not make it into work tomorrow . It also took everything in my power to let him enjoy the wind through his hair , and not run his helmet up to him. Enjoy every moment with Piano Old Man T-shirt.

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