Cool Star Wars Coffee Mug
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Star Wars Coffee Mug

  • Star Wars Coffee Mug
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    Star Wars has inspired some cool artwork in cinemas across the world. We’ll never want to give up on crawls and that classic Star Wars theme, but this is incredible, and the shots of the trench run have us dreaming of a Star Wars

    Maybe Star Wars Coffee can help you relax

    I think people forget that Star Wars is George Lucas. He created it and without him, we wouldn’t have Star Wars. When he created it, it was too long for one movie, so he took a section and made the movie. I remember as a kid first seeing it that we were told there would be nine movies in all. I also remember how George also being surprised about how Darth Vader was the all-time villian (because he knew the true character of Anakin). The prequels tell the story of Anakin & his fall to the dark side. It gives Darth Vader the human qualities that we really don’t see until Return of the Jedi. We needed to see his relationship with his mother as a boy, his joining the Jedi at a later time than many younglings back then and what the loss of his mother did to him. We needed to see how the fear of losing Padme would effect him. We needed to see how Obi-Wan came to train him, how there relationship developed and the tragic end of that friendship. We needed to see how the Jedi were destroyed. The prequels are the back story to the original trilogy. I don’t understand why everyone hates them so much. The lightsaber duel between Anakin & Obi-Wan in the Revenge of the Sith was amazing. Of course I also liked Jar Jar and the Ewoks while most people don’t. So, If you are a big fan of Star Wars, Star Wars Coffee Mug is for you.

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    Drinking hot coffee with our Mug

    Star Wars Coffee Mug

    Star Wars Coffee Mug

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