Georgia Total Solar Eclipse Shirt, Hoodie, Youth tee
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Georgia Total Solar Eclipse Shirt, Hoodie, Youth tee

  • Georgia Total Solar Eclipse Shirt, Hoodie, Youth tee
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    I was in 4th grade when there was some kind of eclipse. Only the kids that had the box viewer were able to go ouside. We had a big window in our room and got to watch the shadows change on the ground. I was 9 so year of 2002. It was in Georgia.

    Georgia Total Solar Eclipse Shirt

    Gotta go up towards north east Georgia to get the full eclipse. Atlanta is only getting partial. I’m keeping my kid out and going up north to see it. It will last 2 min of total darkness where I’ll be at. I’m so excited with Georgia Total Solar Eclipse moment, don’t you? Actually it was the year May 31st 1984 that’s the day that the solar eclipse happen because that’s the moment that I was brought into this world strange but unusual day and a blessed one. School systems all over the state want to keep your kids at school where they can control them not to look at the sun as if parents don’t have enough since to watch it with their kids. If you have a welders mask you can look directly at it with no harm. I’m excited about this. We had one in the 50’s in NJ. It was great fun to make special viewing glasses and the whole school emptied out onto the playground and watched. Can’t wait for this event to come and go! People are so through! Then afterwards people will complain their vision is messed up! Enough already!

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