Women March on Washington 2017 T SHIRT, Lady V Neck
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Women March on Washington 2017 T SHIRT

  • Women March on Washington 2017 T SHIRT
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    This is the official, national page for the Women’s March on Washington. The march will take place on January 21st in Washington D.C. starting at 10AM.

    Tag a strong woman in your life! We will not rest until women have parity and equity at all levels of leadership in society. Join us 2 WEEKS FROM TODAY at the Women’s March on Washington and buy this shirt now

    See Women March on Washington 2017 T SHIRT, lady V Neck

    Womens March on Washington 2017 lady v neck

    Womens March on Washington 2017 T SHIRT

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  1. Louise Smith Evans on

    I wish I had seen this earlier. I love Penseys Spices for their spices, but now I love the company even more.
    This March has garnered so much excitement that everyone, with the exception of Trump and his minions, are so happy to see the March becoming so important. We will be history making and will be a force.

  2. Peter Hranek Peter Hranek on

    A threat to human rights, if only. He’s a threat to human civilization and possibly a threat to continued human existence if he manages to get us into a nuclear conflict.

  3. Helena Araújo on

    Berlin Women’sMarch on Washington – 21.01.17, 11:00, em frente à Brandenburger Tor.
    We will march in BERLIN in solidarity with the Women’sMarch on Washington. Please read the mission statement here:
    OFFICIAL STATEMENT, National Organizers

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